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God’s plan for our lives is larger than we can possibly imagine. It’s larger than what we are doing today, and larger than who we are. This means we need to take steps into becoming a bigger person and prepare ourselves to fulfil God’s plan and purpose. We want every person to step into God’s larger plan for their life. Connect Ministry College will teach, train and shape you to step into your incredible future.

We believe the greatest days of the church are yet to come. We live in exciting times that will see men and women become heroes of the faith and do what other generations couldn’t have imagined possible. We believe that those people are everyday people who make themselves available for God’s purposes and then dare to step out in faith to live what God has called them to do. It is our conviction that everyday people rise to become champions of faith and that the ordinary becomes extraordinary when we take steps of faith in serving God.

Connect Ministry College is designed to give you a great foundation in your faith with a selection of subjects and broad range of study material. We partner with Calvary Leadership College and in doing so provide outstanding subject materials, great lecturers and a course the ACC (Australian Christian Churches) recognise for credentialing purposes.  Each of the lecturers has not only the knowledge but personal experience in serving God in our nation in a variety of environment. We are proud of the team and believe that they as much as anything impart not just knowledge but a great spirit in serving a generation.

Effective Christian Living and Leadership – 1st Year

Everyone at some point in their life will be in a place of leadership. Whether you are a head cook, business manager, store supervisor, senior pastor, youth leader or parent, we all have the opportunity to lead. The question is how will you lead.

Our Effective Christian Living and Leadership course includes subjects such as:

  • Old and New Testament Survey
  • Faith Principals
  • Pastoral Care
  • Evangelism
  • Christian Worldview
  • Understanding Leadership
  • The Church
  • Pentecostal Worldview

Along with weekly Chapel services, guest ministry and a spiritual intensive focused on hearing from God about our future and dreams we believe this course will grow, challenge, encourage and equip you to be all you can be for God’s purpose.

Kerrin Wallis


Kerrin and his wife Tegan are the Senior pastors of Connect Church Bendigo. With years of experience serving God in youth ministry, as a Ministry College Principal, Campus Pastor and now Senior Pastoring, he will bring to life Gods’ Word with teaching and practical application.

Bruce Claridge


Having served God for over 30 years Bruce Claridge is a great teacher and lecturer in our college. He has senior pastored a large church in our city and continues to serve God both in Connect Church and with Sports Chaplaincy Victoria. His training includes time in the Oral Roberts Theology College as well as the many years of experience of on the ground ministry. Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience to our College.

Connect Ministry College demonstrates excellence in every aspect of ministry education you are likely to experience. Our lecturers bring to you a wealth of experience and expertise, born from rich life experience and their inner desires to know God experientially, with their hearts and minds. Add to this many engaging and rewarding practical application opportunities at Connect Church Bendigo, the depth of your training and growth will be without peer. We are honoured and excited to be able to bring to you a diverse, challenging, rewarding and fulfilling opportunity for you to grow in faith and in life, as Christ lives within us.

Kerrin Wallis