Now more than ever do we need Godly leaders in our world.  We need people who know the Word of God and lead in their world. Connect Ministry College answers this need in preparing students to become influential and Godly leaders for the future. Through our partnership with Calvary Leadership College we have produced a program that will provide the foundations and principles for you to grow, develop and mature in both faith and influence.  

It was said of David that he shepherded the people of Israel with integrity of heart; but that he led them with skilful hands, Psalm 78.72. Attending Connect Ministry College is about growing and developing in the skill required and personal integrity befit of a Godly leader. Our students are taught by a team of lecturers who are all actively serving God and living a life of faith so that there can be an impartation of God’s Spirit and wisdom.  

We would love to partner with you for a year that will transform you life and its trajectory. A year that will bring you into a deeper place in your relationship with God. A year of growth, revelation, understanding, powerful ministry and Holy Spirit encounters. Why not commit to a year of discovering your best self!


Effective Christian Living & Leadership – First Year

As Christians, we are all called to be leaders in some way. Jesus said that we are to be salt and light, changers of the environment in which we are placed – to make a discernible difference. No matter what your profession, whether you are a teacher, an accountant, a business manager, store supervisor, senior pastor, youth leader or a parent, you have the opportunity to lead. The question is, how will you lead? 

It is our desire to equip you to lead effectively in any situation. In completing this course, we believe you will be propelled into the world ready to inspire and transform wherever God has placed you. 

Advanced Leadership & Ministry – Second Year 

Our ministry courses are designed to prepare students for ministry in the Church of the 21st Century. These courses consist of the core skills required for effective Christian ministry today.

Our Advanced Leadership & Ministry course is available for students who have already completed first year and are looking to advance in specific aspects of their leadership and ministry development.  



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