Episode Notes

Lessons From The Psalms Pt 3 – Kerrin Wallis [12/08/2018 PM]

You prepare a table for me...

Key Scripture

Psalm 23:5-6

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

Main Points

Generally we don’t have many enemies… Kerrin only seems to make enemies when he plays the game “Risk”…. it can bring you to murder!

David, however, was not in a board game… he had real enemies who wanted to kill him.

There are enemies that want to stop you enjoying life…many are directed by Satan. John 10:10

Those in the military understand this as they are always alert to the threats around them… BUT this is different, God says instead you can rest in the presence of your enemies and enjoy the table He has prepared for you.

We need to learn to sit with God even when enemies harass.

You eat in confidence because God is with you.

We know we win. Live that way.

When the enemy rages relax at the table.

Is 54:17

You speak to the storm! In the storm, sit in His presence.

Psalm 23:5b

You anoint my Head with oil, my cup runs over…

God’s supply never runs out.

Two keys:

  1. God anoints… He gives the Holy Spirit freely. He fills his cup but …
  2. My cup overflows too…I am responsible for what is in my cup

My cup runs over with whatever I fill my cup with… we need to let him fill the cup rather than us filling it with our past, our failures, our inadequacies, etc.

Whatever we talk about we fill our cup with – positive or negative!

We must allow God to do the filling and not our flesh!

Ps 23:6

Plans can be great or can be plans to ruin… people think this about God sometimes … they don’t realise God has an awesome plan for their lives but think his plan is to rob us of a good life.

John 10:10

Expect goodness and mercy to follow us everywhere we go.

You should make every place you go better because

“goodness and mercy follow you”.

Expect Goodness.

Expect Mercy.

Jeremiah 29:11

Believe that good pastures are ahead.

Psalm 23:6b…. dwell in God’s house.

Be Connected to His Body.

People do “couch surfing” as a cheap way to get around but you can’t live life like this… People often treat the House of the Lord like this!

Psalm 1 … fruitful trees put their roots down deep.

They are with the Shepherd who is with his flock…. so be found in Church.

Hebrews 10:25

The Church is a Body, a family, a building… in all of these there is permanence.

The Shepherd is with His flock – we need to be too.

We need Him!

Suggestions for Discussion Questions

  1. How can you rest in the presence of your enemies?
  2. What to you fill your cup with?
  3. Do you expect “goodness and mercy” to follow you?