Baby Dedications

As a church we believe children are a great blessing and heritage, a gift from God.
“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.”
Psalm 127:3

As parents we are responsible before God to; look after, nurture, take care of that incredible gift.

We don’t baptise infants or christen children into a denomination at Connect Church. We see baptism as an informed decision of a believer, in accordance with their personal revelation of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We believe in dedicating our children to God, as they are a gift from Him and we desire they come to know Him personally as their Lord and Saviour. In dedicating our children to God, we are making a commitment to raise them in a way that will lead them to relationship with God and to be part of Gods incredible family. It reminds our church family, as well of the commitment we have, to be a good influence and Christlike example to all the precious kids in our church.

We see Hannah in the Bible dedicating Samuel her son to the Lord and His service. Samuel goes on to personally encounter God and serve Him faithfully with his life impacting God’s people mightily.

At baby dedications, we pray on stage with the parents and the children being dedicated, so that our whole church can celebrate with us such a precious gift of life. Each family also receives a plaque that is a wonderful reminder that God will be watching over this little one, and that we have committed to showing them a Christlike example.

I Dedicate My Baby

Filling out the form below let’s us know you would like to dedicate your baby. If you are not sure whether we know about your baby or child, this form also helps us to keep in contact with you – to help you in any way we can as your child’s journey starts.