Join our L.E.A.D Program

Connect L.E.A.D is a 12-month leadership pipeline that aims to equip, empower, train & release leaders into their ministry purpose & calling. As part of the ministry of Connect Church, L.E.A.D specifically carries the DNA and heartbeat of Connect and is shaped intentionally to impart into leaders fundamental teaching and training that will provide a solid foundation for ministry as part of Connect Church.

L.E.A.D involves 1-contact day per week of teaching and ministry training from Connect Church pastors and leaders, along with guests throughout the year. Participants will also carry a ministry portfolio to oversee and lead throughout the year along with great experiences such as spiritual intensive, retreats, and conferences.

Who Is This For?

L.E.A.D is designed as an intensive leadership development pathway specifically for those who sense a ministry call on their life and are looking to expand and develop their leadership and calling.
L.E.A.D is delivered through the specific context of Connect Church's ministry and therefore carries the DNA and heartbeat of Connect. For leaders - or those seeking to step into leadership - a part of Connect Church, this could be for you!

Participant Requirements:
• 18 years of age
• Actively part of Connect Church
• Application interview
• Ministry call on life


Please contact our L.E.A.D Director Josh for any questions or queries you may have. You can submit any questions or enquiries using the form below:

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